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Flower Study

Print out:

Print out the image. (Click on it to zoom)

Copy the flower using the steps velow.

Step 1

Simplify the flowers into basic shapes.

Mark the centers of the flowers - the point where a flower is joined with stem.

Step 2

Sketch the stems lightly with one thin line.

Even if the parts are overlapped - sketch them anyway.

Step 3

Work one flower at a time.

One petal at a time.

Step 4

Complete the entire flower - all petals.

You can add the stamens later.

Step 5

Draw the midrib.

Outline the shape of the leaf.

Step 6

Complete all flowers.

Draw the stems (double-line).

Step 7

Define the shape of a leaf.

Step 8

Draw the other leaf.

Step 9

Complete all details.

Add stamens.

Shade lightly.

Emphasize the foreground shapes and lines.




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