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Double Vision
Oil Pastel Drawing
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Step 1: drawing

Draw a picture (landscape, cityscape, etc..) on a piece of paper. Do not shade, use just lines.
Trace it using tracing paper.

Place tracing paper "face down" onto the illustration board.

Retrace the picture.

Trace the picture again onto another illustration board.

As a result you should have 2 pictures on 2 boards.

Step 2: coloring with oil pastels

Paint or color the two pictures with oil pastels to depict day and night of your landscape.

Feel free to depict sunset and storm, winter and summer,etc.

The two pictures should be done in two different color schemes.

Step 3: cutting and putting it all together

On the back of each picture - mark every inch on the top and the bottom of the board.

Connect the marks.

Number each stripe on both boards.

Cut the stripes. Keep them in two different piles - one pile per picture.

Take both #1 stripes. Place then side by side on the table face down. Use masking tape to tape them together.

Mark every inch on the third board. This is where you are going to glue the stripes on.
Use a hot glue gun to assemble the pictures as shown on the picture to your left.




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