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in 2 point perspective

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Draw 6 birdhouses:

  • above and below horizon
  • facing different directions
  • with creative details

Additional landscape details:

  • ground cover (grass, flowers, concrete, etc.)
  • vegetation (trees, bushes)
  • structures (houses, barns, etc.)
  • at least 3 creatures (birds, dragons, etc.)

Use colored pencils and watercolors (optional) for a colorful and realistic view.

Include color values to add depth to the drawing.


colored birdhouses
birdhouses drawing
birdhouses coloring
linear perspective
cool birdhouses
landscape birdhouses


Start with drawing the horizon line through the middle of the paper.

Place 2 vanishing points.

Designate areas for each of the six birdhouses. Use very fine lines - these are going to be erased later.

Work with one birdhouse at a time.

Start with building a basic box in 2 point perspective:
- front corner
- receding lines
- left and right corners
- bottom side

Find the center of the bottom side by drawing two diagonal lines.

Add a post to the central area.
Use 2 lines and a curve to define the post.

birdhouse in perspective

Posts can be any shape.

birdhouse in perspective

Find the center of the front side by drawing two diagonal lines and adding a vertical center line.

Decide how high you want your roof top to be (place point 1).

Draw lines from the top of the roof through the front top corners

Have the roof sides go past the corners.

Choose the bottom corner of the roof: point 2.

Connect point 2 with the left vanishing point.

Points 2 and 3 should be on the same receding line.

birdhouse in perspective

Connect the roof top with a vanishing point and extend the receding line to extend the roof.

Place point 1a.

Also, connect points 2 and 3 with the right vanishing point.

birdhouse in perspective

Define the back side of the roof.

You just completed the inner part of the roof. But the roof is not paper-thin. We need to add thickness it it now.

birdhouse in perspective

Draw short vertical lines from each roof corner.

Decide how thick your roof should be by placing a mark at the very top.

Connect the mark to the vanishing point. That's our roof top!

birdhouse in perspective

From the roof top mark:

Draw two lines that are parallel to the roof slant. Stop at the short vertical lines that you placed before to mark the thickness of the roof.

The front edge of the roof is done. Complete the side edge.

birdhouse in perspective

Place an oval in the center of the front wall. This will mark the bird entrance. Don't forget to add thickness to the opening.

birdhouse in perspective

Landing stick should also follow the same perspective rules.


Erase all receding lines before coloring.