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2 point perspective
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Recreate the following form using checkerboard and posts techniques
full screen view here

There are two parts to this project:

Build the base

Build the top box

Project steps

Base construction

1. Start with drawing a horizon line and placing 2 vanishing points. You are going to start with the base first. What is the closest part of the base? - the front edge!
2. Draw a vertical 1" line.

3. Connect the line with both vanishing points:

4. Use the "posts" technique to divide the sides of the base. Work on one side at a time.
Remember? Place a second vertical line in between the receding lines:

5. Draw two diagonal to find the center. Connect the center with the vanishing point.

6. Place the third vertical line:
Draw a "help" line from the bottom of the first, through the center of the second. Stop when you get to the top receding line.

7. Draw the third vertical line from the intersection of the top receding line and "help" line.

8. Continue the steps ( ... from the bottom of the second line, through the center of the third... find the forth...... etc....)
A total of 10 lines!

9. Repeat the steps on the left side of the base. Start with a line:

10. Then follow the same steps to find the center line:

11. Draw the "help" line from the bottom of the first, through the center of the second.... etc....

12. Ten lines total on the left side:

13. Connect the top points of the vertical lines to a vanishing point:

14. Erase the lines that are not part of the base.

Box construction

15. Now it's time to place the box on top of base:

16. Mark the perimeter of the box on the base's grid:

17. Once you define the area for the box - draw the closest element of the box - the front edge. Make it about 3" long.

18. Connect the top point with both vanishing points:

19. Place the right and left edges of the box:

20. Connect the right and left edges with vanishing points:

21. Where they intersect - is the back edge of the box:

22. Erase everything inside the box (lines that you won't see):

23. Mark every 1/2 inch on the front edge of the box:

24. Connect each mark with both vanishing points

25. You can erase all receding lines outside the box:

26. Use the "checkerboard" technique to draw a grid on both sides of the box.
Start with drawing diagonal lines:

27. Draw a vertical line through every point of intersection:

28. It should look like this:

29. Connect the top points of the grid with vanishing points:



30. Shade the shape using different values to create a 3-D effect:




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