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1 point perspective


by JuliannaKunstler.com

In this lesson you are going to build multiple shapes in one point perspective. Print out the two worksheets and build 3D forms in one point perspective. Follow the instructions for worksheet 1, then figure out how to draw a star for worksheet 2. Grid background will help you to make sure all horizontal and vertical lines are accurate.

Review the space presentation if needed.


worksheet 1

Print out the grid

Follow the 4 steps:

box in one point perspective

step 1:

Draw the front shape/side (rectangle, triangle, other polygons)

box in one point perspective

step 2:

Add depth - draw receding lines from each corner of the shape

box in one point perspective

step 3

Guess the depth - place a mark on a receding line

box in one point perspective

step 4

Follow the direction of the front lines - the back corners are parallel to the front corners. Make sure you stay between the same two receding lines

box in one point perspective box in one point perspective

add depth to the following shapes:

final image for shapes in perspective

worksheet 2

star in perspective

star worksheet

Some complex shapes require you to start your perspective construction with the invisible parts first.

In this case - going clockwise.