For your safety, please, do not put any personal, private, or contact information on the web site!

WordPress.com is a hosting platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online. It's free.

1. Register

Go to wordpress.com

Click on Get Started button

You can use your personal (or school) email address.

Create a user name. Wait a second -it will tell you if it is available.

Create password.

Create "blog address" - your domain name.

Click Create Blog at the bottom of the page:


They have a very good step-by-step tutorial:


Check your email now. Follow the directions.

Activate Blog


2. Structure

Plan the site! Sketch out pages you want to have.

For our purposes we need at least 2 main buttons and a few sub-buttons:


3. Appearance: Templates / Themes

Once you created an account, it will take you to Dashboard page. This is where all the controls are.

Click on Appearance > Themes on the left panel

Pick a theme for your site. (Click on Show More Themes button to see more choices)

You can choose any theme you want but I am explaining how to customize the default theme "Twenty-Eleven". If you want to use another theme - you will have to figure it out by yourself.


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