Objectives: Students learn to apply an art movement characteristics to a digital image by merging objects.
Essential questions:
1. What are characteristics of surrealism?
2. How to combine images seamlessly?


Let your inner-self OUT!!!

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early-1920s, and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members.
The works feature the element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions.

Surrealism is art of subconscious. It can bring to life all kinds of your dreams, fears, inner thoughts.


Read the instructions below...
Give me your best effort!!!!


For the project – I want you to choose an object and make it “alive” by adding human or animal “body parts” to it. ( Or visa versa if you want – add objects as parts of an animal or a human).



The task of blending everything is very important here. Your “creature” should look as real as possible. Like a photograph.
Blend colors, textures, patterns, values, etc.

Then place it into an environment that is not usual for this object.

You can place several objects.... You choose!





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