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Creative Minds Stand Out in a Crowd




There will be two assignments within this project:

Assignment 1 - Learn to remove objects from a background and add items to fit in the setting. Recreate th image.
Assignment 2 - THE PROJECT - Create a poster that would encourage to be different and to stand out in a crowd. (Do not use my examples, find your own!!!!)

Assignment 1

Remove all foreground objects. Add the jars, make them look like they belong on the shelves


This is what you start with:

Remove the foreground:


Add the jars:




Select an area of the image that can be used to cover the objects and to match the background.

Most of the time that would be an area close to what you want to cover.

It does not have to be this particular area. You can select your own. But it has to work!!!!

Make a selection. Copy. Paste.


Now move this new "patch" to cover the objects. Don't worry if it does not fit perfectly... That's why we have all these Transform Tools!!!


Once you adjusted the center, select a side of the "patch" and stretch it to cover all objects. (Free Transform).


Repeat the steps for the other side of the "patch"


Once the objects are covered - try to align the boards. Use Distort and Warp options.


Match the colors and values.

Use Soft eraser to blend the "patch" into the background.

Restore spider webs and the tools on the shelves that were covered by the objects.

These are the tools to use:

Healing Brush and Patch Tool work after you merge the layers. They are perfect foot fixing the edges of the "patch".

To restore webs and tools - use Clone Stamp Tool.
If you choose "Sample All Layers" option - you won't have to merge the layers.

You might use Smudge Tool for blending. Just don't overdo it!!!!


Dodge Tool makes it lighter. Burn Tool makes it darker.


Fix the entire bottom of the image.

Add the jars!


Assignment 2

Create your own poster:

1. Think of an object (or objects) that you want to use to represent your crowd. Your crowd does not have to be literally "the human crowd". It can be a bunch of nails, matches, cars, shoes, trees, etc... even a herd of animals... Anything that makes sense in a large quantity, but each object can be used (or seen) separately. In my case - it's a jar with brain.

2. Find an appropriate background to place your objects. It can be an inside or an outside setting.
The background should not have originally the object that you are using.
The background should be aesthetically interesting and create a statement. Use the techniques from the first assignment to fix your background.
Show me your background before you start working with it.
In my case I used the shelves:

3. Manipulate with the object to make it fit (belong to) the background. Fix the colors and tones, make the lighting match the background. Place them into the background, add shadows where necessary, resize to follow the perspective rules (bigger in the front, smaller in the back).

4. Enhance one of the objects to make it stand out. How you do it? It's up to you.

More ideas (don't use them!!!):