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Mandala is a circular design that repeats the same element over and over again.
Use both Adobe Illistrator and Adobe Photoshop

Step 1


  • New file
  • Draw a circle
  • Draw a horizontal line
  • Align with the circle
  • Copy the line
  • Paste in Front
  • Transform palette: Rotate 30°
  • Copy again
  • Paste in Front and rotate
  • Repeat the steps.


Step 2


  • Open the circle file in PS

  • Use magic wand to select a segment (click inside)

  • Fill the selection with black color
    (Edit > Fill > Black)

  • With the selection still active copy it and paste on a separate layer.

  • Save
  • Start looking for images you want to use for your design.

  • Save them in your folder.

  • Open them in PS

  • Drag each image onto the circle

    This is what your Layers palette should look like
  • Make sure the images are above the layer with black segment.

  • Choose the layer right above the black segment

  • Go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask

  • Repeat the step with other image layers. Save.
  • Now you can move the images around, make selections, rotate and edit them.

  • Let’s say you are done. Merge all layers except for the background.
  • Copy the image layer

  • Edit > Flip Horizontally

  • Ctrl T to rotate. Move the rotation center to the center of the circle.

  • Rotate the layer
  • Repeat the steps to finish Mandala

  • Merge all mandala segments

  • Now you can delete the background circle

  • Add a nice background and a center piece. You should have 3 layers:
  • You can decide if you want to add text now or later.

  • Now it’s time to add some filter effects. You can apply effects to mandala and the center piece with or without background. Depending on your decision you will merge the appropriate layers. I am going to apply filter to the mandala and background.

  • So I merge all layers together.

  • Make a copy of this layer
  • Apply filter (or multiple filters) to the top layer. Save.
  • Now we blend the top layer into back layer.
  • Click on Quick Mask Mode
  • Use Gradient tool with Black-to-White gradient
  • Drag the gradient from left to right.
  • Switch back to Standard Mode
  • Press Delete

Vous las
Now add the rest of the elements to your project. Have fun!