Spherize Filter
image 1 | image 2

This exercise is to show you how to spherize a flat image. You are going to create a globe of Wisconsin

1. First download the two images you'll need for this project

2. Open both of them in PhotoShop

3. Start with the map image. Make a circular selection anywhere on the map

4. Filter>Distort>Spherize
Usually the default setting of 100% works just fine

5. If you want, you can delete the rest of the background map.(Select > Inverse >... Delete)

6. Add more 3-D effects:

To add the shadow…. you can apply a gradient or a lighting effect (Filter>Render>Lighting effect…. spot light)

7. To add a light reflection to the globe use the  Lens Flare filter

8.Combine the map and the globe. (If it doesn't work - check the color mode for each image. Change index mode to RGB or CMYK)

9. Save. Type your name. Print....

10. Walk all the way to my desk and turn it in.

This project
should not take
more that a day.


Maybe 10 minutes..


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