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There are 3 parts to the final:

Part 1: Upload all projects onto your web site.

  • triptych "Emotions"
  • typography project "Self-portrait"
  • Mandala
  • Landscape creation
  • Water submersion
  • poster "Standout in a crowd"
  • Poetry poster
  • Infographics poster

Part 2: Photoshop in-class assignment - recreate the image (skip the word "final" :))

1. Download the images and open them in Photoshop:

2. Combine fish and skeleton.

3. Create background (use tree image twice).
Canvas size is going to be 888 pixels x 604 pixels (twice the width of the trees)

4. Add fire.

5. Use filters and layer blending modes to achieve the effects

6. Add spheres: do it at the very end. Merge all layers. Use elliptical marquee tool to make selections. Copy and paste. Apply effects to make spheres look 3D.

7. Optimize the image: File>Save for Web & Devices. Choose JPEG settings.

Part 3: Flash animation:

1. Create a new file in Flash : 888x604

2. Import the JPEG image.

3. Create a symbol (sphere)

4. Create multiple instances of the symbol and animate them.

5. Post it on your site.