This final is worth 25% of the semester grade. That is why it incorporates all the skills that you acquired since September.

You have plenty of time to work on this assignment.

Here is the assignment:

1. Create an account at to create a web art portfolio. (instructions here) You can use school email for registration.

Choose a template. Remember: just because it's a template - it does not mean that it's a good design. Use your own judgement. Stay away from bright and dark colors!

2. After you publish the web site, create 2-3 pages: HOME, PORTFOLIO, optional: INTERESTS

Important: for your safety do not provide any contact information!

Requirements (for all pages):

  • You can delete default text fields (widgets) and add your own.
  • Create your own title image and optional background image. Use Photoshop.
  • All fields should be alignes and organized - use grid layout (instructions here) or gallery layout.
  • Optimise all images to reduce file size (instructions here)
  • Background color: do noy use black or very dark color. Light text is hard to read. Best option for art websites is a neutral color background - this way it does not compete with artwork.
  • Fonts: do not use more than 3 fonts (only one font can be fancy, the others should be simple)
  • Font colors: no more that 3 colors (one for text, others for headings or highlighting important information)
  • Keep everything consistent (all headings - same color and font; all text - same color and font; images have same width or height; background and title images should be done in the same style, etc.)
  • Site should be easy to navigate. Do not make it too busy or colorful.
    Compare good and bad design:

    See how colorful and unprofessional this looks? That's what happens when a designer mixes colors and fonts without thinking.
    It's BAD!!!

    This one is much better. There is a color scheme here, it's not as "flashy" as the previous one.

Include projects:

  • Displace filter (Stooges)
  • Waterglobe
  • Texture room
  • Cyber animal


  • Claymation
  • Flower Flash animation
  • Fall (winter) Flash animation
  • Walking Flash animation
  • CARTOON Flash animation

3. HOME page: general information, space for current projet, etc.

4. PORTFOLIO page: Use picture widget or gallery widget to upload pictures.

5. Don't forget to click PUBLISH button every time you make changes to a page!



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