Drawing in Flash


The Drawing tools in Flash

Watch this video first:



Pen tool

It works exactly as in PhotoShop and Illustrator.
You click to create anchor points with straight path segments in between. You click and drag to create curves.

Pen tool draws with a stroke. There is no fill. The lines take the properties of the preset stroke: color, thickness, style, etc.
If you close your path - you can fill it with a color using the Paint Bucket tool.

Try drawing curves and lines with the Pen.


Line tool

Line tool draws lines!!!!!
Click and drag to draw straight lines. If you hold Shift - you can draw horizontal, vertical, or 45° lines.
If you start your second line close to one of the ends of the first one - the second line will snap to the first line - easy way to create polygons.

Obviously - the line tool draws with stroke properties.

Try drawing shapes and lines. Use Paint Bucket tool to fill in the closed shapes.


Shape tools

Shape tools draw shapes. Dahhhh...
Hold Shift to draw perfect square or circle.
Hold Alt (or Option) to draw from center out.

You automatically get the stroke properties for the shape outline and fill properties for the fill.

Practice drawing shapes.


Pencil tool

Finally the freehand drawing tool. It draws with a stroke properties.

Watch the movie clip below to see the different settings for the pencil tool.

Try them all.

Brush tool

Brush tool draws (paints) with fill properties.
Even if you draw a very thin line with the Brush tool - it will still be a "very thin" shape, not line.


Remember, that you can change colors and properties of your drawing tools in the Properties Inspector, in the Tool Bar, and in extra palettes (Color, Swatches, etc...)

Now draw a nice landscape (or citiscape) using any of the drawing tools. Make it colorful and interesting.

Use multiple layers: sky, ground, buildings, trees, etc....
Your drawing should look something like this:

Save your file. You are going to use it for the next assignment!


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