Displace filter
image 1 | image 2

First download the two images you'll need for this project



Face image:

1. Make a selection of the face and delete the background

2. Duplicate the image: Image > Duplicate

3. Convert the duplicate to a grayscale: Image > Mode > Grayscale (flatten image)

4. Soften the contrasts. Filter> Blur > Gaussian Blur

5. Crop the image to eliminate the blank background

6. Save the new image as .PSD file (remember where you saved it!!!!)

Now the WOOD image:

7. Make a rectangular selection in the center (aproximately the dimensions of the saved FACE file.

8. Go Edit > Copy > Paste. It will create a new layer with the selection on it.
Now reselect it: Magic Wand (click on empty area outside the rectangle) > Select > Inverse

9. Filter > Distort > Displace
OK to default settings
Browse to your face grayscale image
click OK

10. Experiment with settings a few times.

11. Open the ORIGINAL (color) face image and drag the face over the texture.

12. Click with the Magic Wand outside the face.

13. Go to the layer with "distorted wood" (probably Layer 2)
Press Delete on the keyboard. It will clear all extra wood around the face.

14. Return to the top "face" layer.

15. Use one of the layer blending modes (like overlay, etc… whichever works better for your images)

16. Save. Type your name. Print

17. Bring it to me...

This is a very cool
filter to use
any time you want to
make something look
like it's made out
of different material..



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