Advanced Filters
image1 | image 2

Curving objects.
You are going to use a distort filter to bend a logo to match the curved surface of the book binding.

1. First download the two images you'll need for this project

2. Open both of them in PhotoShop

3. Add a corner to the book (use clone tool) and more background.

4. Move the logo onto the book
If it doesn't work - check the color mode for each image. Change index mode to RGB or CMYK)

5. Resize and rotate it to approximately fit the binding

6. Apply the pillow emboss effect to the logo layer

7. Now: Filter>Distort>Shear
Adjust the curve manually.

8. Use the burn or gradient tool to add a shadow to the bottom of the logo to match the shadow of the book

9. Add another logo and text to the book cover. Use Transform>Distort to create a perspective for the logo and text.

10. Save. Type your name. Print....

11. Walk all the way to my desk and turn it in.


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