My site is one of my creative projects. It originally started as a teaching tool for my high school art class.
It all started around 2006 when I realized that I have way too much paper resources for my lesson plans. I decided to organize my lessons, presentations, handouts, worksheets, and tests in one place.

My primary goal is to develop a comprehensive creative online space, where anyone can learn about art and art making, regardless of age and artistic abilities.

I an exited to share my skills and knowledge to show that art is accessible to anyone. People limit themselves thinking that making art is only for artists. I want to prove that sometimes all it takes is small steps in following simple rules.

My entire Art Department curriculum is free to use for everyone. I am only asking you to credit me if you are going to repost my lessons.

art studio discount ad If you are interested in Art cources for absolute beginners, visit my Art Shop page.
I've developed a few self-guided courses and tutorials that offer basic artistic skills development in a fun, non-intimidating way. They are suitable for all ages - from teenagers to seniors.

Scroll down to view my high school Art Department complete curriculum. Feel free to use!

wilmot login
thank you! great site!
2016-12-22 11:33:31

Could I please use your ceramics 1 outline in a local pottery club?
2016-10-13 00:42:36
  Absolutely! Thanks for asking :)

Katy Tanis:
Hi Julianna, I recently came across your beautiful rhino piece and think it would be perfect for a campaign I am organizing. The campaign is to get artists to post their rhino work on instagram on September 21st. We are asking artists to replace the rhino horn with nail clippings (there is a scan proved on link below). If this is too gross for you tho, you can also just post the artwork as is. Please use the hashtags: #justGiantToenails #worthmorealive #CoP17 #DemandAppendix1 It is important at this time for many reasons. You can read more about it on my blog if you are interested: I hope you can participate! Best, Katy
2016-09-19 15:58:09
  I did! Thanks for invite!

What an awesome site! Thank you for your time!
2016-09-15 15:19:34

Elliot Harris:
I'm trying to purchase the Colored Pencils lesson but getting an Internal Server Error when I try to add it to the cart or checkout with paypal. I've purchased Art 1 and Art 2 from you. Perhaps you could give me this one "gratis?" Thanks...
2016-08-24 18:29:04
  I think we can work it out :)

John W Flores:
Am a biographer and in dire need of a pen and ink artist for art work to help tell this story. I have some photos, but not enough, so will go for pen and ink throughout the whole biography. Can you do this and when would you be able? If you would be interested or not otherwise engaged. I have a publisher and should send the entire manuscript to the editor by this fall sometime. I am a writer, not a photog or artist. Thanks.
2016-08-23 15:39:24
  Can you contact me directly with more details?

paula dalton:
Love the mandala project but can you be more specific about making the original circle and divisions in Illustrator or refer to a site? thanks.
2016-08-22 21:28:25
  They are in step 1 on the mandala page: This is an advanced computer graphics course, assuming students already know how to use Illustrator. There is an assignment in my Beginner Comp.Graphics course that might be helpful - just use lines instead of rectangles:

John Huston:
Hello Juliannna! This site is awesome! I used your grid drawing exercises with my 6th graders at the end of the year! I appreciate you sharing your site with others. I teach middle schoolers. Just wanted to make sure I have your permission to use some of your worksheets. Thanks so much! John
2016-08-22 07:29:03
  Absolutely! Thank you for asking :)

Samantha :
Hello!! I am a first year art teacher and I LOVE YOUR SITE! May I ask you for your presenations!
2016-08-19 16:37:15
  Dear Samantha, they are free to use on my site. Or do you need direct links?

Bonjour , I think i'm not a real "eleve" for you , but I like your art of teaching and I try to do my best . Well, hanks for sharing your work. Sorry for my english try my best ! Bonne journée .
2016-08-17 03:56:20
  Thank you so much for the kind words!!!! I hope you find this site helpful!

Elisha Gallegos :
Hello, I am a high school art teacher in Oklahoma. I am new to high school art, last year I taught elementary art. I am curious if it is ok to use some of your lesson plans for teaching the older students and also if you had any advice for a new high school art teacher? Thank you for your time.
2016-08-16 08:33:48
  Absolutely! Feel free to use all resources from this site - that is why I built it :) As a new high school teacher I would recommend you to print out the lesson plans and make notes of what works for you and what does not - each teacher and class are different - this way by the end of the school year you will have your own customized curriculum.

I love your lessons; you are very thorough and organized. Do you share your lessons? Is there a way to use what you have created? Thank you, Wendy
2016-07-09 11:40:38
  Thank you, Wendy! Yes, please use them!

coloring art prints
Coloring pages are creative alternative to coloring books. You can create your own art with a little guidance from me (here).
Acid-free paper is suitable for coloring with watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, inks, markers, etc
prints are 12"x18"


creative patterns
patterns, tangles and doodles

Step-by-step instructions for zen-doodling designs and patterns

popular projects
optical design tessellations mandala
Optical Design Tessellations Mandala
new publications
zen doodle coloring art nouveau patterns coloring art deco patterns coloring victorian patterns

coloring books

about the site


my art portfolio

ceramics, graphics and paintings. all mine. Please feel free to leave a comment or two. Commissioning artwork is available.

art lessons

art shop - my art tutorials for all ages

I am still working on this page to put together few classes for adults and children of all ages and artistic abilities. This is my big undertake - I am planning on expanding the variety of the tutorials above the school curriculum for everyone to enjoy! Please comment on the classes and lessons that you sign up to - I do need an honest feedback. Thank you!

art department

art department - high school art curriculum

this is the biggest section of my site. It was originally created for my high school students and to help me organize my lesson plans. Eventually it grew into something bigger. I am glad a lot of people find this site useful. You can find here full and detailed tutorials for drawing, painting, computer graphics, desktop publishing, ceramics, art history, sculpture and jewelry. These are the classes I teach.

art resources


links to other art sites and pages I created for my friends artists.
This page is still under construction as I run out of time to do everything that I plan. Please enjoy!


Fine Arts classes


is an introductory art class for beginners. The curriculum is for a year-long class. The structure is based on learning the Elements and Principles of Design. Each element is a unit with a choice of assignments to practice and apply the concepts of the Art Theory.

  art 1


is more advanced class, focusing on experimenting with art media. This is also a year-long class. Once students have learned the basics at Art-1, it's time to experiment and to try different art techniques and media to choose their favorite. Each assignment is a different media, many of them are mix-media projects.

  art 2

Drawing & Painting

is advanced art class, focusing on academic skills of drawing and painting. It is a semester class that targets students, who plan an artistic career in future. Some of the assignments are college-level, just a bit adapted.

  drawing and painting

Art History

is exactly what it is. I included the textbook worksheets that I am using. There is also a time line with worksheets for notes for each art period. It's a great teaching tool that worked great for me. I also made flash cards with world masterpieces for students to memorize. Unit exams are also included.

art history

Exploring Art

Explore Art with Special Needs students.

Adaptive art lessons.

  exploring art

Computer art and Design

Computer Graphics

introduction to digital imaging and design. Semester course starts with the presentation about types of digital images, their structure, terms, used in graphic design, etc. The majority of the time is spent on learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop. Some time is spent on learning Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Work files are also included.

  computer graphics

Advanced Computer Graphics

advanced Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, photo enhancement, introduction of Flash animation, Adobe InDesign basics, and use of online resources. Focus on creative, independent projects and advanced techniques.

  advanced computer graphics

Visual Literacy

a new class I teach in graphic design. I am still working on the content. Semester class to develop visual skills in digital and graphic design. Learn composition, Color Theory, Gestalt Principles, Advertisement, etc.

  visual literacy

3-D classes


is an intro to basic hand-building techniques. A series of projects from basic pinch-pots to coil pots and slab method. Series of projects with useful information for a beginner course.

  ceramics for beginners


is a continuation of learning hand-building techniques, introduction of the wheel and other advanced techniques.

  ceramics 2

Sculpture & Jewelry

is a new class I just started to teach. I do not have a lot of visuals yet, but I am working on it

sculpture and jewelry
julianna kunstler

about me


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
BA, MA in Art & Education from
SPb University, Russia;
BS in Art education from Carroll University, USA.

art nouveau poster
Signed prints are available for sale.
Click on the image for details
for teachers
art presentations for teachers

Art presentations for all disciplines:
from art basics to art history and computer graphics

(Google Slides)  
recent uploads

Art 1:

Art 1:
Flower study

Google Quizzes


Art II.:
Tree drawing

Expl. Art:

Art I.:

Expl. Art.:
Abstract painting

Art II.:
Notebook page

Art 2:
Creative patterns

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